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Evolutionary Rituals Timely Response to the Times

Dear friends,

I'm struck by the timeliness of this Evolutionary Rituals program I'm offering starting Nov. 1.

I've returned from the Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland to ...

elections, international conflict, extreme weathers, the call to care for creation … so many challenges and yet each one is an opportunity to affect the future through ceremony, personal and communal practices. Ritual is an ageless dance with and response to time.

While traditional rituals may appear to be losing their power something else is emerging.

Based on a new story, we are reframing the traditional and creating new spiritual practices. For the first time in history, the world has a common origin story declaring the sacred inter-connectivity of the planetary family. New rituals are a means of teaching this story and reshaping tomorrow.

Whether it’s at a seasonal meal, in a classroom or sanctuary, part of a wedding, funeral, or naming ceremony, whether it’s part of a special occasion, or just out for a walk this is a story families, teachers, religious, celebrants, scientists, and artists want to pass on.

Evolutionary practices will help shape a humanity that lives in mutuality with the Earth.

Because we are all leaders in this time of massive transition, I'm writing to invite you personally to bring your wisdom and join me in this program on the Deeptime Network .

EVOLUTIONARY RITUALS Dancing Through the Darkness to the Ecozoic Era

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM ET Nov. 1 - 29

Early Bird Discount ends Oct. 28th!


  1. They're where religion and spirituality, culture and science come together for Life.

  2. They acknowledge the grief and uncertainty of the climate crisis, the hope of the new Universe story, and the infinite potential in all to be cocreators of the future.

  3. And they bring this back to our tradition be it religious, national, or the family.

Why now? Evolutionary rituals are emerging to aid the necessary shift from dangerous disconnection with the living planet to one of sustainable interconnectivity.

As vessels of conscious evolution, personally, culturally, and as a species, I feel deeply, they are what Earth calls us to do now.

I’m inviting you for three reasons.

  • I'm excited to share a transformative model of rituals developed over two decades which has expanded my perspective, deepened my faith, empowered my lifework, and assured me of response abilities to the future.

  • Your experience will enrich this cocreative program and diverse community.

  • You have a role to play. Parent, grandparent, scientist, artist, teacher, public servant, celebrant, or clergy – adapting traditional rituals, experiencing and cocreating new ones, it’s an ageless and universal way to fashion a future people for a never-before time.

If you have technical, financial, or ideological questions or concerns please feel welcome to contact me at or Jennifer Morgan at

Who to vote for?. How to bring peace? Turn a hurricane around? Save a species from extinction? Assure a liveable future for my descendants? Live an ethical life today ?

Life’s challenges seem monumental. These are undeniably times of planetary change.

Midst the change, thankfully, the rituals and small things we do matter. I believe our personal and communal spiritual practices cooperate and cocreate with an Intelligent Universe that's followed cataclysm with emergence and destruction with creation for fourteen billion years. You're invited to be part of the evolution.

Carol Kilby

Not sure? Read about the program. Listen: is this for you?

Share with another now.

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