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A Vital Tool to ground those who care deeply about the earth and creation.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of Evolutionary Dancer, but what, for me, was most profound was the rituals for evolutionary spirituality. As a person of faith, I found these practices to be so deeply grounding. All who care about creation and the earth need to be engaging with Evolutionary Dancer!


I encourage you to treat yourself to this blessing of a book.

This summer I've been twirling and growing with Carol Kilby in her journey as Evolutionary Dancer in her book by the same name. If you find yourself seeking an engaged whole-Earth spirituality she will show you her path "out, in, and on the fringe of the church." I learned about her wisdom teachers, her founding of the Gaia Center for Eco-Spirituality and Sustainable Work, and the allurement that drew her back into relationship with a congregation in a "circle of mutual inspiration." She offers new rituals that move beyond ceremonial forms to engage groups to be active co-creators in planetary well being.

Penny Moulis,

Virginia, US, Creation Spirituality Community

Kilby’s book offers what she terms an Evolutionary Spirituality...

Incorporating the best of what our human-made belief systems contribute to meeting this moment of ecological degradation.

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Rev. Dan De Leon

senior pastor at Friends Church, UCC , Fortworth, Texas in All Summer Solstice edition.  

I love this book.  It is filled with evolutionary wisdom.

It is written with honesty and insight and infused with hope about the future.  My interest was initially piqued by the dancer in the title. The book does not disappoint in this regard.  In part three there are four seasonal rituals for evolutionary spirituality which play with four metaphors of dance, the dance of immensity, the dance of radiance, the dance of transformation and the dance of intimacy.  These rituals are beautifully and lovingly crafted and could easily be attuned to the creation of rituals for evolutionary spirituality in Australian settings. I commend Carol’s book as a powerful spiritual memoir for our times.  It is both courageous and generous.    

Judith Keller

A member of Eremos, mentor exploring contemplative cosmology in the Deeptime Network, a meditator, sacred dancer and guide in her local Botanical Gardens in Southport, Queensland, Australia.

You are evolving the articulation of Creation Spirituality in such an important way

Evolved and integrated more fully with approaches like evolutionary spirituality.  You celebrate CS and the impact it has had in your life and move it on superbly.  You write so well, so articulately, so understandably in terms of the day in which we live and the spiritual journey within it.  . . . I'm going to recommend to as many CS folk as I can to read the book.  I believe it is a much read.  Going to begin with a prayer group I'm in which is made up of UCS folk. May the music continue to flow as you dance on.

Rev. Dr. Mel Bricker

Past Director of University of Creation Spirituality 

The Learning Circle at St. Paul’s Orillia was effusive in their appreciation for Carol’s book, Evolutionary Dancer. 

In studying the book over six weeks and then in conversation with Carol about it, they found new insights into how theology is evolving and how people of faith can change to appreciate evolutionary spirituality and its rituals and  practices. Many had similar feelings about leaving traditional Christianity behind and seeking new language more appropriate to new cosmological understandings and what that means for us as people of faith. We’d recommend to other faith communities the study and discussion of this engaging book.

Rev. Dr. Ted Reeve. 

Thank you Carol, I accept and step forward into my own Evolutionary Dance.

Many years ago now at a conference, I attended a 'Universe Story' presentation by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme. I  recalled Joseph Campbell's answer to the question, "what is the new myth that humanity needed?" Campbell said that he didn't know, but that it had to include the 'end of the concretization of the Judeo-Christian myth'.  I went on to inquire whether Berry and Swimme were proposing that 'The Universe Story' might be the new myth we needed. Indeed they were. Skip ahead 30 years, and Carol Kilby's 'Evolutionary Dancer' blends it all together to provide the perfect answer to that question for today.  By taking us along on her evolutionary journey, Carol opens the doors of awareness, and invites us into Creation's ancient dance. May we all dance together again to heal, unite, and become the humans we dream to be.        

Deanna Fry

Elemental Connections

Evolutionary Rituals – Dancing Through the Darkness to an Ecozoic Age. (a four part series on Deep Time Network. November 2022.)

Dear Carol,
That was just a beautiful class last night. It was well planned and heartfully executed. It was gently personal and consistently touched the place in us where mind, memory, movement, heart and cosmos meet. I found relaxing to just listen.

Rev. Dr. Gail Sofia Ransom

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A genuine contribution for the march from stale religion to lively spirituality!

Matthew Fox

Original Blessing


A treasure chest filled with evolutionary insight, wisdom for the crises we’re facing, and rituals to celebrate the wonders.

Jan Phillips

No Ordinary Time


A re-integration and revitalization of Church and worship. 

Diarmuid O'Murchu

Quantum Theology 


Skillfully interpreting ecology and evolution in a soul-nourishing way.

Rev. Michael Dowd

Thank God for Evolution



As a lapsed Catholic, and now a student of Buddhism and Animism, I found Carol Kilby’s book to be encouraging. I am not alone. With eco-spirituality, there’s a chance for Gaia / Mother Earth to survive this crisis if we all come together.

Lisa Gervais

Editor, The Highlander News


Hi Carol, I started your book today, and O. M. G. It is SO rich, SO beautifully written. It is such a homecoming for me, having strayed from the church in my own way, the evolutionary impulse leading me to University of Creation Spirituality, walking up the stairwell with you, dancing, singing, laughing, chatting, joyfully celebrating life and love and creation at UCS, The first beautiful chapter about Matt, The second about Thomas Berry. Each paragraph regenerating such beautiful fond memories for me. And I don't know what the evolutionary impulse is doing to me here, but every time I read those words it is thundering and exploding through my being. And I've only just begun. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. with biggest love and blessings.



I already know this will be one of my slowest and most luxurious reads in a long while! It's thoroughly captivating, poetically written, and I love the way you've arranged the inspirations from teachers/colleagues/like-spirited people along your journey. I am capturing a few of your ideas in my daily journal as I read which I do when I come across beautiful thoughts or deep questions I want to consider, too. And unlike how I used to read books (fast, and usually more than one title at a time), this one is such a treasure and so inspiring, it is nourishing and feeding my soul deeply, so it is my soul focus (my SOUL focus!!). I see and hear some of my own personal questionings and searches, too, for the essential meaning of our lives and how to live them with integrity and purpose and joy. Ah, Carol. Thank you for writing this!!


Joanne Ingrassia


Picked up your book last week. How wonderful with so much to offer for these times!



Anna - Can't wait to discuss where all this leads. Your writing is a joy! 



Carolyn - What a body of work!  I am so impressed with your research and the connections you've made                              between some Bible passages and Consciousness. 



Thank you for "Evolutionary Dancer"! It certainly is a gift for a troubled and struggling planet.

 I found it a personal read and your writing is so accessible. I'm on my second read now, and I'm finding that it                     is reaching deeper and deeper within me!

Rick Despard 



Wonderful Worship!  I was particularly moved by the litany. . .and I will be carrying "Since the beginning has been peril and promise" with me to ponder and repeat!!!!                                                                                      

I am so glad for this morning’s worship … for the new theological thinking you articulate so creatively and the way you continue to ground this new thinking in gospels we know and love.  

Rev. Elizabeth Macdonald, Kingston, Ontario


Thank you for all of the thought you’re putting into the Sunday series on Evolutionary Epiphanies … you’re bringing together so many loose threads for many of us, bringing together our Christian beliefs and our scientific minds and saying it is okay to live together.                                    

Your message of peril and promise is so true especially at this point in time whether it’s relating to COVID or the planetary crisis.   

Thank you for such a beautiful service, full of such warmth, and for walking us through this time of change in our congregation … food for the journey.  It truly has been a special time.

Mary Anne Lemm, Beach UC


I appreciate your gift and passion for rendering our cosmology story and science into accessible language that speaks palpably to both hearts and mind.

Rev. Marvin Anderson


Thank you for this morning's offering.....what a gift of language and vision....

Penny Andrews


Your book is like a travel book of sites to visit on the spiritual path!

Ken Norton

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