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About Carol

Writing Journey

About Carol Kilby

Carol remembers falling in love with writing in public school. Journaling, poetry, prose, dreamwork - writing has been her life-long refuge. "It's a spiritual practice, like yoga or prayer, turning the invisible -- the mystery, fear, love, and passion -- into the visible word. It's my way of discovering and becoming myself." 


Perhaps it was inevitable that Carol would turn to writing to make sense of the spiritual crisis born of global warming and mass extinctions. Incorporating the emerging consciousness of interconnectivity and the new sacred story of the Universe into rituals and her own original wisdom tales, she has found a way to offer up a relevant and transforming word for these confusing and challenging times. 


Readers from in, out, and on the fringe of the Church are welcoming the strength, hope, evolutionary wisdom, and rituals she has shared in Evolutionary Dancer.  


Get in touch to discover more about her work and how it can support you and your community's dance in this evolutionary moment.

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