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Anxiety through Evolutionary Eyes

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Remember this? "Beauty above me, beauty below, beauty within, beauty all round me!"

Today, it seems more like,

"Anxt all round me, anxt within me!

Earthquakes, cancer, storms, insomnia!

"Is it all connected or because we're disconnected?" "How do I cure it?"

The real question, in an Age of Anxiety that isn't going away anytime soon, is this. "How do we get through it!"

Let me be personal. The Universe story and evolutionary rituals have made a world of difference in my everyday life. I gained Evolutionary Eyes and that big Big BIGGER perspective on my tiny life expands my psychological and spiritual immune systems.

Try this evolutionary ritual... on a letter size sheet of paper draw a giant spiral. At the outside end put today's date. At the centre, your birthdate. Cut it out. Turn over, At the outside end: today's date. At centre: 13.8 because 13.8 billion years ago is our cosmic birth date. In between, name catastrophic events - personal and cosmic.

And beneath these, name a positive outcome.

Explosion of Supernova. The Solar system.

Asteroid wiped out Dinosaurs and most of life. Animals and Humans.

The Black Plague. New Medicines.

Illness in the family. Greater Compassion!

The gift of this new Oneness story born of science and spirituality, for me, is trust.

Trust that Peril and Promise are one.

Trust there's Love at the heart of the Universe.

Stories and Rituals to navigate the Anxious Age of Peril and Promise. If those words strike even a spark of interest in you, join me on a Zoom Retreat

Wednesday February 15. 6-8 pm Central. 7 - 9 pm ET. MORE & REGISTER HERE

But what does one bring on a pilgrimage into the heart of things? , A raw egg and marker, journal, candle & lighter, a beverage.

What to expect? Nothing less than Your Universe Self to show up! Evolutionary Rituals: Dance of Peril and Promise and the Dance of Identity.

This will be the last public event I do until August as I'm working on a new book with Astrologer, Cosmologist and teacher for the Deep Time Network, Stephan Martyn.

Evolutionary Rituals - Because We Can't Get There From Here.

Let me leave you with what I've come to believe about the age of Anxiety. Seeing the Spring floods, tragic shootings, terrifying heart attacks and personal struggles with Evolutionary eyes balances my sorrow and fear with compassion and trust. And, we can get through these times.

Just as scriptures helped in the past, evolutionary stories and rituals can strengthen us to navigate the weird weathers, escalating chaos, social, and personal dis-ease.

Just a note from my host at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat in Iowa. PLEASE

Register before February 14, 6 p.m.

Recording will be available. Fee is only $20

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