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Stories & Rituals for an Anxious Age

of Peril & Promise 


Join the evolutionary dances of Intimacy and Identity!                                              



                                                   February 15. Wednesday Evening   6-8 pm Central. 7 - 9 pm ET. 

                                                  Register before February 14, 6 p.m. Recording will be available


          Because more folks are experiencing anxiety as culture, planet, and consciousness shifts, we need new stories and rituals.                     This is a retreat for folks feeling the anxiety of never-before times and longing to reconnect with the Love at the heart of the Universe


"The evolutionary story, in my life, has given me a big picture, and deep time perspective. 

 But more than that, I've learned to trust that in this time of peril there is promise." Carol Kilby


WHY  do we need it?   Climate Changed - this is our reality.

WHAT difference does it make if?  To know the planetary environmental crisis is an evolutionary driver makes us cocreators.

WE GET IT!  Culture, spirituality, rituals, religion – everything’s part of the breakdown of life as we’ve known it.

THE INVITATION.  It's time for breaking through whatever beliefs, norms, and practices keep our lives too small.  

Join  in evolutionary rituals that in reshaping our identity reshape the future. The Dance of Identity. The Dance of Intimacy. 

Explore and experience Oneness Consciousness. Faith in Paradox. Evolutionary Spirituality,  a tradition emerging out, in, and on the fringe of religion for these times.



The new story born of the dance between spirituality and science can  

  • lift us beyond anxiety of weird weathers and escalating chaos,                                        

  •  inform our  daily personal practices and rituals

  •  aid an evolution of self, religion, culture, and the species.     


Register now. Bring a journal, raw egg, candle & lighter.  

Virtual Attendee.  Full price $20.00 USD


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