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Isaac White
Isaac White

Learn the Essentials of Project Management in Perspective with this Free Download

Make your teams' working lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. Whether it is traditional, agile or hybrid project management, OpenProject is the fastest and safest way for teams to connect, structure their work and achieve results. Everyone knows the goals and works together to achieve them. Organize your own tasks and assign tasks to a teammate. With OpenProject you have all the information in one place.

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Agile teams deliver better and faster. They build, measure and learn with each iteration. OpenProject provides the perfect tool to support agile project management and methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

In other words, projects with excellent change management were six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management. What may be most enlightening about the research is that poor change management correlates with better success than applying none at all.

The organizational perspective of change management is the process and activities that project teams use to support successful individual change. If the ADKAR Model describes what an individual needs to make a change successfully, organizational change management is the set of actions to help build Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement across the organization. The Prosci Methodology is based on more than two decades of research and includes assessments and strategy to support targeted change management plans:

What can you do to become a more effective change leader? Begin applying change management on your projects and build change management competencies in your organization. These are the first steps to ensuring projects deliver their intended results.

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Projectlibre was founded by Marc O'Brien and Laurent Chrettieneau. ProjectLibre has grown into a global provider of project management software with both a Cloud version and desktop open source replacement of Microsoft Project. We have succeeded in our mission with the #1 alternative to Microsoft Project and a Cloud version in beta testing. ProjectLibre has 6,000,000 desktop downloads in over 193 countries and translated into 29 languages. We will soon also offer a revolutionary cloud team solution, ProjectLibre Cloud. This is similar to the impact Google Docs had on Microsoft Word. We are having the same impact on Microsoft Project by replacing a bloated, expensive and complex architecture with a simple cloud login from anywhere in the world.

Agile project management is an iterative, incremental way to coordinate activities for engineering, information technology, and other business areas. Because it is a highly flexible, interactive methodology, teams can quickly identify and respond to challenges, and ultimately deliver better outcomes, faster.

Agile project management empowers teams to adapt to change with increased speed and flexibility. Learn how to implement Agile PM and get the most out of the methodology.Get the free e-book

Project management software is an online software used by enterprises and organizations to plan, track, collaborate, schedule and manage projects and tasks. It is a means to manage your projects effectively, right from planning up to execution. It helps in organizing work while dealing with different factors like time, money, resources, clients, stakeholders, and more. There are many cloud-based software options available that can help you succeed in your projects.

Lay out your needs, requirements and budget first before delving into the type of project management software you want. It can be a cloud based project management tool, vertical specific software or even a simple task planner. Request a quote and proposal from the product companies in case of implementation at an organizational level. Do your research by reading customer reviews and comparing the pros & cons of various leading options in the market. Narrow down your options and opt for a trial of these platforms. Choose the one that fits your primary needs and is easy to adopt and implement!

Zoho Projects! Yes, that's right, we take pride in being a free project management platform that doesn't compromise on quality and functionality. This is more than just a to-do list. With just the free version, you can break down your project activities, allocate resources, and schedule your work items using the Gantt chart. We also offer free trials to all our paid editions. Zoho Projects is not only an easy-to-use project management software, it also has features that cater to every aspect of your work. A comprehensive task management module, intuitive Gantt charts, efficient resource allocation, and effortless collaboration are some of the reasons why Zoho Projects is the best project management software. It's accessible not only in terms of usage with its mobile applications, but also in terms of cost. Check out our pricing details here.

From a management perspective, delegation occurs when a manager assigns specific tasks to their employees. By delegating those tasks to team members, managers free up time to focus on higher-value activities while also keeping employees engaged with greater autonomy.

Are you interested in further improving your managerial skills? Download our free leadership and management e-book to find out how. Also, explore our eight-week online Management Essentials course, which will provide you with real-world tools and strategies to excel in decision-making, implementation, organizational learning, and change management.

From a contractual perspective, the statement of work (SOW) is a critical project management document because it sets forth the contractual obligations. If you are a vendor or contract project manager, this document may be a part of the RFP you received from your client. Because it typically establishes your legal obligations for performance, it should be referenced throughout the project. Think of it as the holy grail of what must be accomplished. Changes to the statement of work should be reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

The free statement of work template below captures introductory and background information regarding the project. Besides the scope of work, it also captures the period and place of performance, applicable standards for performance, requirements, specific vendor responsibilities, client responsibilities, project risks, assumptions and completion criteria. In addition, this template speaks to payment terms and the procedures for change control. Like all project management templates, it should be modified to fit the project needs.

MyPM is a proposal management company. Our professionals average more than 20 years of experience providing proposal services in response to government and business solicitations. In addition, we provide post-award project management support.

Here are 25 essential project management Excel templates you can download and use right now. Transform your bland Excel spreadsheets into expertly-designed project management templates, and take your project management Excel processes to the next level.

Online Gantt chart tools integrate into project management & planning software, so they update in real time. This allows for easy drag-and-drop changes and can be color-coded to customize as you need. ProjectManager is a project management software that does this and more. Try it for yourself today!

But to quickly make a Gantt chart from your task lists, download this free Gantt chart Excel template, also known as a project timeline template, for an easy way to create a project schedule. Simply add tasks and deadlines to this Excel spreadsheet and visualize how long your project will take.

Once you integrate your project and task tracking template into a project management software system, you can then produce Gantt charts to get a clear visual on the project timeline, as well as get that data delivered to your dashboard to note project progress in real time. And, of course, you can import your Excel and Microsoft Project files seamlessly into ProjectManager. Our software can transform your static Excel files into stunning, dynamic project management tools.

The free Excel timesheet can calculate cost per hour and includes vacation and overtime columns, to accurately note the time spent on and off the project. But project timesheets are useful for a number of different purposes, so this is a handy tool.

ProjectManager has a free WBS template that structures the process of breaking down the large project into smaller and smaller tasks, in a hierarchical visual that allows you to see the entire scope of the project work.

This project management Excel template is broken up by project phase on the left and across the top all the various project positions are listed. Then in the corresponding box beneath the title is filled in with R, A, C or I to explain their relation to that specific point in the project. RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. Defining these roles with this Excel spreadsheet leads to smoother operations.

This free template provides a high-level overview of your projects, including all relevant information, all in one place. You can track tasks, dependencies, schedules and costs, which allows you to make more informed decisions when allocating resources across all your projects and helps you identify issues quickly.

Use our free production schedule as part of your larger supply chain management to manage resources, help your sales team and get your goods to customers on time without negatively impacting quality. Our template helps you to make more accurate production plans and manage your inventory.

Try our free change log template for Excel and create a successful change management process. Change is going to happen in every project, whether due to requests from stakeholders or from external forces, such as weather or supply chain issues. Being prepared for change and how to respond to it is going to make or break your project.


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