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A New Book by Carol Kilby

Wakened by the planetary crisis, a minister dances out of traditional Christianity and into Evolutionary Spirituality. It's a story many can relate to.

About the wisdom teachers who guide her, the congregation that welcomes her back, and the Evolutionary Wisdom they find, it's a book to help navigate these times of peril and promise.


With humour, vulnerability, and awe, the book's written in three unique sections - Out, In, and On the Fringe. 



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"A genuine contribution for the march from stale religion to lively spirituality!"

Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

" A treasure chest filled with evolutionary insight, wisdom for the crises we’re facing, and rituals to celebrate the wonders."

Jan Phillips, No Ordinary Time

"a re-integration and revitalization of Church and worship" 

Diarmuid O'Murchu, Quantum Theology 

"Skillfully interpreting ecology and evolution in a soul-nourishing way" 

Rev. Michael Dowd, Thank God for Evolution

For folks out, in, and on the fringe of the Church
Written in three unique sections!

Out. Out of the pulpit and into the woods

  • Outside her Christian culture, Kilby is challenged and changed by the ongoing evolution of consciousness driven by climate change. 

  • Grandmother Universe, her inner storyteller, emerges weaving science and spirituality into important wisdom tales. 


In. Out of the woods and back in the Church.

  • The Clergy-Who-Would-Not-Go-Back and The-Little-Church-That-Would-Go-Forward enter an experiment and discover Evolutionary Spirituality. 

  • From Advent to Easter, these chapters skillfully integrate ecology, cosmology, theology, and evolution in a down-to earth and soul-nourishing way.

On The Fringe. Evolutionary Rituals 

  • Because they preserve a culture of planet abuse, rituals must change.

  • Here are practices to help readers take prophetic responsibility for a healthy relationship to the larger body of life.


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