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Evolutionary Dancer

Public·6 Evolutionaries or Dancers or The Best Lovers of Earth We Can Be.

Yet contemporary science also has the power to give us a new vision of the cosmos, one Contemporary Science holds that the universe is constantly coming into being. It pictures the cosmos as a great symphony. Within this modern cosmology every single elementary particle is in a process of coming into existence and dying back into that womb of creation that quantum physicists call the vacuum state. It is not so much that the modern scientific cosmos has become a place for the sacred or a gap for a god, but rather that the whole cosmos in its very existence is an active expression of the sacred. F. David Peat

Levi Perez
Levi Perez

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Levi Perez
Levi Perez

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Jayden Rogers
Jayden Rogers

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Evolutionaries or Dancers or The Best Lovers of Earth We Can Be.

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  • Levi Perez
    Levi Perez
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    Daniel Samsonov
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    Jayden Rogers
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