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Public·6 Evolutionaries or Dancers or The Best Lovers of Earth We Can Be.
Isaac White
Isaac White

Download Mahjong Quest 1 for Free and Solve the Mysteries of the Ancient Tiles

Mahjong Quest, a take on the classic Chinese tile pairing game, is a great mahjong game that incorporates an adventure gameplay option. In this game you help Kwazi restore the countryside three dragons burned to a crisp. On your quest to restore the land you must complete different mahjong layouts that end in pairing the two sides of a ying-yang. Your success is rewarded with not only points, but a restoration of the charred land.

mahjong quest 1 free download

The second game mode is quest. Quest is the more complete and adventuresome game mode. In this mode you must complete mahjong puzzles by pairing a ying-yang, in order to advance to the next levels and restore the destroyed countryside. There are roughly 30 levels on your quest that ends in the dragons' lair. The quest mode harnesses your mahjong skill through a fun and easy to play avenue.

As far as drawbacks are concerned Mahjong Quest has a few, but nothing too severe. The game does not offer a multiplayer or an online mode. Interacting with other players online through a multiplayer game would enhance the overall quality. Also, unlike some games, you cannot download new layouts via the internet. If you could download different layouts or create your own the game would improve drastically and be one of the top games, if not the top game, on the mahjong game market. 80 layouts is a significant number and will certainly take some time to complete, however, more options through downloads or creating your own, would be a nice bonus.

Overall, Mahjong Quest is a great mahjong tile game that incorporates adventure nicely. Though you will not be able to play against others, create your own layouts, or download them from the internet, this game is a top tier mahjong game. The adventure element adds a desire to play many other mahjong titles lack. Also, the rich strategic elements coupled with the enriching qualities make this a must play. If you are already a fan of mahjong or are looking for a good title to start playing, this is a great option for you.

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Embark on a Mahjong Journey to discover a world full of surprise and beautiful artwork! Advance across a map and explore a mysterious secret world of elves and fairies.How to playTo play, Match tiles to clear the board. Improve your strategy to unlock tiles faster and beat your high scores.Discover beautiful artworkDiscover beautiful artwork throughout our mahjong storybook game as you progress on your journey. Our tile matching apps are the perfect relaxing games for when you want to unwind after stressful days at work or at school. Play this mahjong solitaire game anytime and anywhere on your device to earn coins and unlock more boards and gorgeous HD backgrounds!A relaxing mahjong fairy and elf gameUnlike other mahjong games, our standard and expert levels are designed in ways that guarantee they will always be solvable. Sit back, relax and clear the tiles without worrying you are heading into a trap and creating an unsolvable level. Hints are always available if you need a helping hand.Collect and craft treasuresIn every level, you will find one or more crafting component tiles. When you match these tiles you will collect the items. At the end of each level, you can open 1-3 to treasure chests to get even more materials. Combine the crafting items into a treasure which you can sell for 100,000s of gold coins!Our Mahjong Game Features- New easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system- 800 levels with beautiful pieces of artwork to unlock and downloaded- Daily rewards- Every level uses different tile sets- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!- Open a treasure chest after each level- Craft fantastic items to sell for piles of gold coins!- Collect gold from your snow globe- Zoom and Pan on expert levelsSync progress with facebook.Never lose your progress and continue across multiple devices by syncing with facebook.No wifi or internet access needed to playEnjoy Mahjong - Secret Elven Journey everywhere you go without needing an internet connection. It is a free game that doesn't need wifi in order to play.Explore 6 beautiful lands each with its own set of artwork to unlockLand 1 - Wood ElvesBeing your journey in the land of the wood elves with levels 1-20. A spell has been cast, the Elves want to play! Wander into the woods and discover the mysteries that lie beyond.Land 2 - Snow FairiesLevels 21-40 advance through a land of beautiful snow fairies.Land 3 - Fairies of the FrostLevels 41-60 continue through the fairies of the frost. How do they manage such beautiful flower blooms and vibrant nature in the cold?Land 4 - Elves of the mystical forestAfter passing through fairy lands you finally make it to the elves living in the mystical forest. Explore these fantastic creates as you complete levels 61-80!Land 5 - Mystic DwellingsLevel 81-100 explore the mystic dwellings that the elves and fairies call their homes.After passing through fairy lands you finally make it to the elves living in the mystical forest. Is your journey near its completion?Land 6 - Portals of AnnwynLevels 101-120 take the plunge through the Portals of Annwyn, a spectacular world of wonder and enchantment! Unlock each portal to uncover new, breath-taking parts of the world. Enter the Otherworld, enter the Portals of Annwyn!Land 7 - Fairies Trail!Breathe in the trail and connect within the realm of the fays. The nature angels have left their routes for you. They sense what emotion you are feeling, they see what you are viewing and they help you in your trouble in their beautiful metaphysical manifestation... and on! Now with 40 lands and 800 amazing pieces of artwork to discover!Join the Hidden Mahjong community on facebook:

BOXFORD, MASSACHUSETTS & HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY- August 9, 2007 - Funkitron, a widely respected publisher of casual games, and Slingo, Inc., today announced that Slingo Quest, the hit sequel to Slingo Deluxe, is now available for download by Mac users. To purchase Slingo Quest for $19.95 or for a free 60 minute limited trial you may visit


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Evolutionaries or Dancers or The Best Lovers of Earth We Can Be.

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