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To convoy or not?

Author's Talk & March Series explores the real question?

When I look with evolutionary eyes behind the blocked streets and honking horns, on the other side of inconvenience and disruption, beyond my protective elders’ bubble, I glimpse a much bigger picture.

Protest. 2021 ended with demonstrations against corporate incursion on Indigenous lands. 2022 has begun with Canadians from every province protesting “vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians.” What is this wide-spread unrest? What is this elephant that leans both left and right trying to break into our houses of governance and everyday consciousness?

I don’t have answers, just the perspective of an evolutionary dancer. “We are in trouble now because we do not have a good story.” Thomas Berry.

Climate change, a planetary pandemic, impotent government systems – what if they’re all symptoms of a paradigm built on a story of separation that's breaking down? What if a comprehensive worldview of inter-dependence is breaking through! The new story - we live in an ever-emerging universe and inter-related world - invites an evolutionary spirituality that offers me hope: in the crisis there is opportunity for metamorphosis, for ever greater mutuality.

In the Evolutionary Dancer, I explore my own awakening to the opportunity of becoming a new kind of human one capable of co-existing within Earth’s community. No honking or blockades but the book is my protest for a new story. Maybe you'll join me in these programs that explore the new story and our dance within it

February 9th, 7:30. Author’s Talk a zoom fundraiser for Beach United Church food program

March 3-31, Dancing Through the Darkness - introduction and prac5 week virtual Seriestices in evolutionary spirituality.

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