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Evolutionary Dancer Travels Far and Wide

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

You write in solitude. You go out into the world, meet Evolutionaries and evolve, return to the Church and share your new story; go back into solitude and write. You don't know you're writing a book. The writing is a solitary thing; a deep dive into those parts of the chrysalis that are dissolving and becoming the unimaginable. You write in what you assumes is solitude.

Then, it's a book. It makes it's way out of your hard drive and out of your hands. Readers write back. "You're speaking my language!" "I've felt and believed what you say since I was a child." "The Church needs to hear this." You realize, it's not your book. You're simply the instrument that made the ideas into a form that's tangible. You remember all the stuck times when you invited that Universal Consciousness you called, Evolutionary Dancer, to take over. You recall that in a cosmos where everything is inter-related and inter-dependent, you never write in solitude.

Then you hold a Book Launch. And folks from Egypt, The Phillipines, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, many of the United States, and from coast to coast in Canada attend. And you sit in grateful amazement that the new consciousness that will bring an end to planet abuse is emerging in and connecting individuals all around the world.

Now, here's the link to view the recording of the Book Launch. With deep time thanks to guests -- Alanna Mitchell, Jennifer Morgen, and Gaia Sophia Ransom -- to host Fay Wilkinson, tech-master Bob Isenberger, and chat-mistress Mary Ann Maruska.

Click Link below to see BOOK LAUNCH recording!

Copy this passcode : x#mNe11= and enter when asked.


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