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Dancing with Identity in Creation's Crises

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Join me Monday, January 25, 7:30 pm EST for The Dance of Identity. / events

It was one of those days when what was true yesterday is not true today. We’d gathered to plan the January webinar called Creation In Crisis. I was to lead a ritual from my new book, Evolutionary Dancer, called, The Dance of Identity.

My American hosts, however, were in the middle of an identity crisis. The violent protests on their Capital building was not only a threat to their democracy. It was an attack on their personal identities. The webinar, they felt, must shift to focus on the US political crisis.

My response surprised me. Wouldn’t non-American participants feel marginalized? The Creation Spirituality Community was inter-spiritual and international, after all. What did a gal from Canada have to offer? A comment, "American politics mattered to the whole world," raised more than my eyebrows.

Then, like a window shade had been raised revealing my neighbourhood, I had an epiphany. I was responding as a Canadian. My view was too small. I too was caught in the dance of identity.

The Dance of Identity is a walking meditation. It's an Evolutionary Ritual because it places us within our 13.8 billion year origin story. It begins, and ends, at the threshold moment that is January, 2021. But before we can cross the threshold and go forward, we must first return to our essential identity as manifestations of Universe. And that's not easy. To return requires that we step out of all the stories that have told us who we are. Here's an excerpt.

Now consumerism, family, politics, religion, nationalism - dualism is not. (step back)

Now Homo-sapiens, Neanderthal, Homo-erectus – the human is not. (step back)

The turning point of the walking meditation is when we return to the Big Bang:

Now I am no thing, raw creative energy, total fecundity, infinite potential. (step forward)

What we bring from the ritual to our crises is vital. Sacred creative energy. Knowledge -- we're part of a species emerging now! Insight. Insight -- loss, change, confusion resistance, conflict, detachments are a necessary part of the evolutionary process.

This is what the ritual offers. Freedom. Freedom to want with our whole hearts our own evolution. Vision. Vision of being a new kind of human, one with what Carolyn McDade's song describes as "one human family, one Earth community." Possibility and Probability. Like the butterfly is coded to emerge from the goo, humans are coded with a next stage.

The ritual’s transforming story opened my own evolutionary eyes. The next day I was able to participate in the webinar seeing that the crises of political systems is ultimately connected to the crises of the Earth systems. Mother Earth’s crises – extreme weathers, green house gas emissions, forest fires – are ultimately connected to the new strains and new cases of the Coronavirus. The whole system is in a state of inter-connected detachment in preparation for what we can become.

Creation’s crisis makes clear, first, what was true yesterday is not true today. Second, today is an evolutionary opportunity.

Join me on January 24 live for a webinar when you'll have an opportunity to experience the ritual, The Dance of Identity.


Monday January 25th, 7:30 - 8:30

Evolutionary Ritual Community- The Dance of Identity

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