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Dancing Through the Darkness - A Response - Ability

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Darkness --

just when yearning yawns daring hunger for the light of a pandemic-free Spring, when I thought the days of convoys occupying cities were behind us, Russia wars into Ukraine’s Melitopol, Kyiv, and Sumy streets. There is, I was reminded, an immensity of darkness at this time in the Earth community. However...

Response - ability. Just when I was ready to climb back into my elder's bubble and wait for Spring, I was reminded to be a flower is "a profound responsibility." Emily Dickinson and the magic of poetry, like a floodlight on the stage, pierces the bubble and reminds me to be me is a profound responsibility to dance. So that's why I'm in your inbox!

I'm inviting you, or anyone you might know needs a path through these times, to consider joining me for, Dancing Through the Darkness. The five-part virtual series begins this coming Thursday, March 3rd. Registration, closes March 1. Here's the LINK.

You might find it hard to believe I was shy about sending this email. And yet, here I am because the word, response - ability, is not about should and duty. It reminds me I'm able to respond. I have the ability to navigate darkness. So I'm showing up to tell you about this program in Evolutionary Spirituality.

What excites me about the upcoming zoom gatherings is this. It's less a workshop than an evolutionary spirituality practice. The practice includes renaming and reclaiming the darkness, following creation’s paths of letting go, honouring the grief and disappointment as the privileges that accompany awareness and love, and using ritual as a way of taking one's own response abilities to the darkness seriously. You can check it out here.

If another zoom commitment is not alluring, then let me just remind you of your response - abilities to be as beautifully and awesomely you as you emerged in these times to be.

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