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Advent'ure in Darkness

Well, here we are in the season of Advent’ure! A time of year in the northern hemisphere when humanity's always created rituals to celebrate the winter solstice and enlighten the darkness. So it is the Advent'ure Candles have returned to the table.

Advent'ure - my name for a season of many cultural holi days - refers to the fact we live in an emergent, ever expanding Universe. In this cosmos genesis, when everything is ever becoming more, existence is an evolutionary Advent'ure.

So it was, over Sticky Toffee Pudding, a friend asked, "Can we light the Advent’ure candles?"

As we lit the tapers of radiance, then allurement, then cataclysm, we shared from the dark places and companionship deepened.

We remembered our own radiance! Centrations of the first stars, electromagnetic beings, our very thoughts and words create resonant fields of intention that radiate into the world. The infinite potential to grow the light in the world lies within.

We named our allurements! Better called longings, said a couple of the men hungering for more meaningful and tangible ways to influence life as global health, governance, and biosystems break down.

We faced the endings! Daring to entertain that cataclysm, death, and deterioration are actually essential to the planetary system, we reconnected with the darkest mystery. The fecund nothingness is at once full of peril and promise.

But it's what happened next that was remarkable.

"What about the candle of Emergence?"

The answer came at once from many directions.

"We have to wait!"

And that's where I meet you on this the Winter Solstice, 2023, in the waiting, on the threshold to our becoming all we were born into this dark evolutionary moment to become.

There is no mistletoe or blaring of horns as Earth’s Cenozoic, an era bearing more beauty and diversity than any creation story could even imagine – is ending. Even as I rush to upcycle cloth into Furoshiki wrappings and craft sustainable holiday gifts, I meet you on the longest day of the year in possibly the darkest moment of the Earth-family's story.

And yet, tonight, we will light the candle of emergence. Not because the Sun's blessing is back. Not because I know everything's going to be fine in the future. Because I trust in a benevolent Universe.

This blog, I recognize, is my ritual act. I send it out on the global internet in cooperation with that holy and unnamable intelligence that's the heart of a Cosmo genesis for nearly 14 billion years. I send it out to cocreate with a vast and growing communion of light keepers rising out of the darkness at this season and in this evolutionary moment.

Greetings and gratitude, one and all, you are vessels of the Advent’ure.

Reflection: What do the candles of radiance, allurement, cataclysm, and emergence mean to you? What are you trusting in the darkness? Stories, responses, Likes are welcome.


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