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An Evolutionary Ritual for Earth Day.














What’s an evolutionary ritual?                                                                                                                  

While traditional rituals teach and preserve a culture’s beliefs, evolutionary rituals are vessels of the emerging consciousness. To communicate the new sacred story of an inter-connected and inter-dependent universe to aid the end of planet abuse, they weave together the modern sciences of ecology and cosmology with spirituality. Because all existence is energy, waves, patterns, rhythms, evolutionary rituals are better understood as dances.  (More in Chapter 13.)

The Homing Dance.                                                                                                                                    

This practice honours the 51st global celebration of the United Nation’s Earth Day as a sign that our species is evolving. We are stepping out of the Anthropocene age, a human-centric worldview, and an Earth-destructive way of being. This dance with words celebrates Earth Day as a sign humanity’s opening to its next stage when we know in mind and heart to live in a relationship of mutuality within the Earth community. This rite mirrors the salmon, caribou, and geese that know they must return to the place of their origins for their species to survive. It is called the Homing Dance.   

Needed.                                                                                                                                                                           Space enough to take 3 steps as your able or, if seated, to lean forward in your chair.  


Step/Lean forward. Open arms, Bring hands to heart, then motion to Earth below. Sway side to side.

Stepping out of the Human age  

when house and home was something we built;        

Opening to an age of Earth Days            

when home is what sun and soil, rock and rain create.          

Bringing to mind and heart          

the mother bioregion, this land where we stand,  

We sway and say in thank-full wonder    

“home, home, home.” x 3 


Stepping beyond streets and nations        

that place us here or there;

Opening to the Milky Way and Sun’s Rays          

that ferry and carry us everywhere;      

Bringing to mind and heart      

the dance of this leaning, spinning, magnet,        

 We sway and say in awe-filled wonder           

home, home, home.” x 3        


Stepping away from teachings  

of church, mosque, or temple that divide us;      

Opening to the ways and wisdom      

that make Universe, Earth, they, them, you and me One;    

Bringing to mind and heart

the holy cosmic communion,    

   We sway and say in growing grounding love  

                                                                       “home, home, home.” x 3                                                                                                                                





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